Monday, January 24, 2011

Making beautiful music

"If you enjoy Celtic music, chances are you have a fondness for the tin whistle.

This portable instrument has certainly gained a local following, as a group of students is meeting at the Lintuhtine Music Academy of Oromocto every second week to learn to play.

Many of them began in September, but a few came on board in January after taking a private lesson with the instructor. No matter their level of experience, already this group is making beautiful music together.

Lynn Thomas-Grattan is one of the people who has been taking the tin whistle since September.

'I've always wanted to play an instrument and I like the sound of the tin whistle and the Irish music connection,' she says. 'I'm from Newfoundland, so that helps.'

Learning the tin whistle has been a great experience so far. She says it's not difficult to learn either, once you get the basics down."

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